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I Stand Corrected

Posted by lmreed on November 15, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Traveled about an hour today to watch, not a dog show, but a dog agility trial or some such thing.  My daughter did not hesitate to correct me. She is considering doing something like that in the future, but had never seen one other than on TV so I agreed to go with her.

Besides enjoying the simple fact that she bought my lunch--a cool wrap from Chik-fil-A, which is only around 13 carbs--I have to admit, the events were fun to watch.

The one we attended was extremely informal and looked to be a fairly tight-knit community.  We got a few stares since we were new and didn't have a dog, but people smiled and were friendly.

One dog was extremely friendly and we were able to pet him.  He was a tri-color border collie and beautifully built.  We loved watching him.  He was fast and smart.

There was one tiny tiny dog that jumped over tiny tiny jumps and it was so stinkin' CUTE! 

The whole thing was quite the experience.  We cheered, we laughed, and basically had a great time. 

I am, however, glad it is the weekend now.  Weekends are the time I usually get to stay home and I enjoy that a lot as I am a homebody at heart.

Maybe we can put up our Christmas tree tomorrow.

Hope springs eternal!

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