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The Eyes Have It

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 "Allison Tate had everything a girl could ever want...except love.

Born late in life to wealthy, elitist parents, she was paraded around like a dressed-up China doll, but never loved for herself.

The only affection she received during her formative years was from her nanny, Hannah, who unfortunately died while Allison was still in her teens, leaving her alone and at the mercy of her ruthless parents.

Allison's parents had her whole life arranged for her, including a loveless marriage, but Allison had other ideas.

Determined to avoid being tied to a man she didn't love, she devoted all of her time and energy to obtaining a teaching degree which would allow her to strike out on her own, no longer under her parents' thumb, but somewhere along the way she fell in love.

Her parents were furious and would have found a way to financially hurt or even ruin the man she loved as well as his mother, whom Allison adored, except for the intervention of a kind elderly couple.

With her parents on a leash, Allison relaxed and began enjoying life for the first time, but there was another menace on her horizon which threatened her very existence and the man her parents had chosen to be her husband was the only one in a position to save her.

The Eyes Have It is the Prequel to Dear Diary... and the first book in the series."

Dear Diary...

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 "CeeCee Wilson hated her name.

Born two weeks after her paternal grandmother's death, CeeCee was the spitting image of her, and CeeCee's mother, Allison, devastated by the loss of her mother-in-law who was also her best friend, couldn't imagine any other name.

CeeCee fervently wished her mother had possessed a bit more imagination.

Elsee Caitrin Wilson...a cow name in CeeCee's mind as well as the minds of her classmates.

As if that weren't enough for a child to handle, CeeCee and her family had to move the summer before she was to start high school, her father developed a disease that was slowly destroying his body as well as her universe, her older brother Mark became infatuated with the wicked witch of the southwest, the man she fell in love with was in love with another, and to top it all off, she couldn’t seem to stop making lists.

Did God care? How could a loving God allow those things to happen? Was CeeCee losing her faith? Had she truly ever possessed any? Or was she simply a product of her parents’ blind belief? What if everything she had been taught up until then had simply been a lie? What if God didn’t exist and it was all a hoax?

Transitioning into adulthood was painful for CeeCee as her anger, doubts, and despair overwhelmed her at times, but in the midst of her unwilling journey from child to woman she found the courage to face her life as well as herself with honesty and a determination to deal with the obstacles that had been thrown in her path.

Dear the second book of the Dear Diary...Series. Be sure and check out "The Eyes Have It", as well as "For Richard Or Poorer" also part of the Dear Diary...Series."

Finding Mrs. Wright

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Buy "Finding Mrs. Wright" on the Nook.

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""Any luck finding Mrs. Wright?" Garnet had flippantly asked, but Jake Wright knew that wasn't an option...could never be an option...not with an assassin on the loose whose sole goal in life was to execute the love of his life.

For years he'd resisted any and all relationships, realizing that to fall in love was to sign the woman's death warrant, but all it took was one chance simple plane ride...and the deadly game was on.

Could Jake save the only woman he had ever loved? Or would the trained killer finally have his revenge?

Finding Mrs. Wright is the third book in the Dear Diary...Series."

For Richard or Poorer

Buy "For Richard or Poorer" on the Kindle.

Buy "For Richard or Poorer" on the Nook.

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"Richard liked money; he liked all of the things money could buy: fast cars, designer clothes, and women...especially the women. Not that he had to pay for their services—women were usually more than willing to accommodate his every whim…well, most women—his good looks as well as the wealthy aura that surrounded him drew them in as flies to honey.

Allison…she was the problem. Although he’d been in love with her since junior high, and their rich, elitist parents expected them to some day marry, she held him at arm’s length for years until finally, in college, she fell in love with another man and married him.

Knowing it would destroy him to be in close proximity to the woman he loved while she was married to someone else, he cut all ties with her.

Attempting to turn over a new leaf, Richard began focusing more on his studies and less on the female population of the species which made him a prime target for Nat, a childhood playmate of Allison’s, and her hidden agenda.

Forced into marriage with a woman he despised because of a temporary lapse of self-control on his part, he struck a deal with his father that allowed him to attend law school rather than join his father in the banking industry.

His life was...acceptable...if not happy until Allison showed up once more, a widow, and all of his carefully constructed defenses crumbled.

Richard was still in love with her, but Allison had a secret, one that would set both of them on a collision course with danger.

The stakes were high--life or death--but Richard had no choice...he had to help Allison.

In the midst of all the danger, Richard also came face to face with his own personal demons and the fact that he wasn't worthy of someone like Allison.

Could he change? Was he salvageable? Or was it too late for him?"

One Knight Stand

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"Her best friend was getting married, her parents were out of the country indefinitely, and the man she fancied herself in love with saw her as simply an honorary little sister...Felicia Howell felt deserted and alone.

Raised by religiously indifferent, though loving, parents, Felicia had no true convictions or direction in her life so when Drew barreled into her life she was unable to resist him.

What followed had Felicia searching for meaning in her empty shell of a life as she struggled with the urge to run from her problems, her feelings of unworthiness, as well as her growing love for Drew.

Realizing that she needed something deeper in her life, she began to turn to God for the answers.

Could God forgive the mess she'd made of her life?

One Knight Stand is the fifth book in the Dear Diary...Series."

Take Your Mark

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Buy "Take Your Mark" on the Nook.

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"One assassin to go…

Having eliminated the threat to Allison, Al faces still another menace...but this time, she is the target.

As she attempts to deal with a past she would rather forget as well as a man who insists on forcing his way into her life, Al must decide what direction her life will take.

Surrounded by Christians who insist she is worth saving, doubts plague her.

If they only knew…

What if the ones closest to her somehow found out about her past?

Would they look at her in revulsion?

Could she live with the shame?

But as the assassin closes in, Al realizes she has an important decision to make, one that could end her life before she has a chance to change it.

Take Your Mark is the sixth book in the Dear Diary...Series"

AJK The Beginning

Buy "AJK The Beginning" on the Kindle.

Buy "AJK The Beginning" on the Nook.

Buy a paperback copy of "AJK The Beginning."

"Jack Knight never went looking for found him.

Orphaned at a young age--his brother Nicky the only family he had left--Jack struggled to protect him, but the deck was stacked against him from the start...corrupt foster parents, school bullies, and eventually the insidious disease that Jack couldn't fight no matter how hard he tried.

Nicky had called him a superhero, dubbing him ‘Jackknife’. Jack, however, knew superheroes weren’t real and that he could never live up to his brother's image of him.

But he had to try.

After joining the Marines and successfully completing boot camp, Private Jack Knight, on a secret mission for the CIA, finds himself alone in the midst of a South American jungle operating in a country rife with political unrest and the beginnings of a drug war, unsure who to trust.

This is the first book in the Agent Jack Knight Series, a spin-off of the Dear Diary…Series."

AJK China

Buy "AJK China" on the Kindle.

Buy "AJK China" on the Nook.

Buy a paperback copy of "AJK China."

""This isn’t a movie…it’s all too real and you could get hurt…or worse. Don’t be an idiot, Shun…quit while you still can."

But Shun refused to listen to Jack's warning and, unwilling to allow his friend to face danger alone, once again Jack Knight found himself thrust into the middle of a country full of turmoil where the stakes were high and errors costly.

Failure was not an option, for China wasn't the only country in peril...Jack's own homeland was threatened.

The shadowy figure known only as The Puppeteer seemed to be holding all the cards, but with the help of an old friend, Jack had a few aces of his own up his sleeve.

This is the second book in the Agent Jack Knight Series. Watch for more to come."

Blood Vow Devil's Pact

Buy "Blood Vow Devil's Pact" on the Kindle.

Not currently available on the Nook

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 "From deep in the Black Forest,
for centuries, tales of every evil creature imaginable pass from generation to generation. Witches, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires...
a nightmarish parade of demonic manifestations... are said to plague
the nearby villagers whose houses boast an incongruous collection of crosses, wolf's bane, garlic wreaths, and rosemary.

In thirteenth century Europe, that very forest is where Archduke Wolfgang von Jaeger finds himself, in search of a cure for the family curse handed down from father to son for hundreds of years. Although he unearths the means to exorcise the malady, the Archduke pays a high price, transforming into the stuff of nightmares, the scourge of mankind, the one creature feared above all others.


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